"The 11th Element teaches you the valuable skill of asking for assistance from your 'Inner CEO' to improve your decision-making. Napoleon Hill explored this principle in Think And Grow Rich, and Scheinfeld takes it to a new level."

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager

In The 11th Element, you’ll discover a secret – the secret factor that’s absolutely essential for the creation of business success and wealth …

This book was Robert’s first Wall Street Journal bestseller!

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The secret factor shared in this book was originally passed to Robert Scheinfeld by his grandfather who used it to build Manpower Inc. from a simple idea into a Fortune 500 Company with billions in revenue.

Robert then used it to create millions of dollars more for himself, selected clients, and proteges across multiple industries.

The 11th Element is the “X-Factor” that separates the typical get-rich-scheme from Scheinfeld’s well laid out and documented program.

It offers you the secret advantage that fuels the world’s greatest success stories (whether large or small), including such International success stories as Microsoft, Starbucks, Dell and Virgin Atlantic.

Your success is shaped by a powerful set of unseen forces that are rarely discussed. The 11th Element shows you how to tap those forces — commonly mistaken for luck — to open an avalanche of new potential and prosperity in your life.

The 11th Element is an extremely powerful and versatile system that can be customized for ever aspect of business success and wealth creation.

It will instantly open your eyes to all that’s possible and guide you to success in anything you choose. With it you can:

  • Fund lucrative business and investment opportunities
  • Increase sales, profits, and wealth
  • Improve your marketing performance
  • Start your own business
  • Find and secure your ideal job
  • Develop new products and services
  • Attract and keep top talent
  • Raise funding for your business ideas
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Dramatically increase productivity

If you have an open mind and you’re ready to achieve at a higher level than you ever thought possible, The 11th Element will change your life forever.

You’ll never look at your life and hat you can achieve the same way again.

Note: This was Robert’s second book.


Available here or at your preferred bookstore:
Amazon Barnes And Noble Independent Bookstores